Droplets, waves and mountains… the etchings held prisoner in blocks of stone were the inspiration for the Japanese master bookbinders’ marbled paper. Inkjet printing has transposed these

Hundreds of inhabitants of Sorède, in the south of France, braided whips and riding crops in hackberry wood until the car and the tractor supplanted the horse. Source: Hermès, YouTube.

The Goldfinger Factory spreads out under the Trellick Tower’s 320 meters of concrete. In this underprivileged part of West London, young people become talented apprentices with the support of t

Recognisable by their trademark white coats, which have earned them the nickname the Blouse Brothers, the Prudhomme brothers, Lionel and André, are supervisors at the Pantin leather workshop.

在去年,二手奢侈品皮包的市场,已经从7年前的 500万英镑&#

Hermès collection Fall Winter 2018/2019, March 2018, Paris Fashion Week. Source: Hermès, YouTube

Hermès Fall/Winter 2018 Men's collection, January 2018, Paris Fashion Week. Source: Hermès, YouTube