Bum bag, fanny pack, waist bag: this '90s staple (with its many names) has made a comeback, and it's trending harder than ever. Source: H&M, YouTube.

A collection inspired by six real women who are true game-changers. Source: Mango, YouTube.

What are the essential ingredients to build a deep and meaningful relationship with your customers? In this video Marian Spier, Social Entrepreneur and TEDxAMSWomen founder, Esmerij van Loon, Editor in Chief at FashionUnited, and also Dan Lopez Cardozo, Premium Fashion Strategist share their business […]

What is the key to a great publicity as a brand? In this video Peter Leferink, Managing director M-ODE Foundation, Marian Spier, Social Entrepreneur and TEDxAMSWomen founder and Dan Lopez Cardozo, Premium Fashion Strategist share their thoughts. Source: FashionUnited TV, YouTube.

Sustainability is the 'it'-word of the industry, but how do you apply it as a starting designer in a way that fits your company? Gwen Cunningham, lead of the Circle Textiles Program at Circle Economy and sustainability coordinator at AMFI, and Peter Leferink explain what it means to be sustainable these […]

Familiar all-American iconography is reimagined through a boldly graphic new lens for Calvin Klein Jeans Est. 1978. Featuring men’s and women’s denim, tees, shoes, and accessories. Source: Calvin Klein, YouTube.

Reebok Alter The Icons - Jay IDK. Source: Foot Locker, YouTube.

The Official Opening Dinner SS19. Source: Copenhagen Fashion Week, YouTube.

Benetton conducted India’s most powerful social experiment to see how the next generation has the strength to enact enormous miracles for the country. Source: United Colors of Benetton, YouTube.

Resort 2019 30s V2. Source: Trendstop, YouTube.